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“Training Concepts has consistently delivered highly engaging programs that improve
the mental and physical health
of our employees, students and parents for many years.”

- VP of Wellness, NYC DOE

Training Concepts provides versatile corporate wellness and professional development programs for any lifestyle, interest and experience level.

Companies who implement our programs achieve
a sustainable advantage in talent a
cquisition, satisfaction, retention, and workforce productivity improvements.

What we offer

Virtual, hybrid and live 
group fitness, wellness and professional development workshops.

1-on-1 private or small group lessons
with credentialed instructors,
coaches and subject matter experts.

Customized programs
tailored for the unique needs of specialized teams.

How we do it
  • Holistic programs for mental, physical, professional and financial well-being

  • Credentialed and engaging instructors who understand
    the lifestyle and pain points of corporate employees

  • Personalized workshops customized in alignment with your company's vision, mission and values.

Why we are different
  • Optimized for inclusivity: employees of all fitness and experience levels

  • Scheduling flexibility and easy to access

  • Customizable and personalized

How your company achieves a very high ROI
  • Improve mental acuity and agility among employees

  • Strengthen teamwork and connections through well-being

  • Lower health insurance premiums

Enjoy a complimentary assessment
  • Schedule a call or virtual meeting using your corporate email address

  • Fill out this form and we will call you within 24 hours

Receive a formal proposal for stakeholder approval
  • Analysis of your needs

  • Exclusive recommendation(s)
    from our experts

  • Competitive à la carte and subscription pricing options

Quarterly progress reports
  • ​Engagement metrics

  • Satisfaction survey results

  • Opportunities for growth

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