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Supporting employee wellbeing, professional development and teambuilding for 100+ companies over 14 years in business.


Our experience was great! The host was very knowledgeable and an excellent moderator for our team, she did a great job of keeping our team engaged! I would 100% book again! Our team really enjoyed the vision board workshop and had a fantastic host. She did a great job of engaging with our team and working with us to make digital vision boards.

 Senior People Manager at an international mobile gaming company Team based in Ukraine (English is not their first language)

The guided meditation was extraordinary, I got to an extremely vulnerable place and was moved almost to tears, which is very very rare for me as a man in our society. I may have overshared a bit with my work colleagues but it was so healing and transformative that I don't care. I can't say enough about how good our facilitator is at warming up the group and leading them in mediation. Just amazing work. Thank you.

— Senior Software Engineer at an information technology company

We had an amazing experience with [the facilitator for the Tarot Card reading]. I would like to thank her personally for all of the beautiful things she said to me and my teammates. It was really a bonding experience for us! Please just pass along how moved everyone was after our session with her and are already talking about bringing her in again next year. 💖just thought the vendor may like to hear that! 🥰

 Employee Experience Specialist at a software company with 200 employees

Our entire group loved the [Desk Yoga] class and thought it was beneficial for helping them be more mindful while working. Our instructor was helpful and excellent at explaining the steps.

 Leader of the Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, and Accessibility employee resource group at a non-profit organization

The sound bath is highly recommended, our team loved it, such a great way to meditate and relax during a busy work day.

 Administrative Business Partner at a Market-Leading Global Search Engine Company with 100,000+ employees

Attendees enjoyed the Desk Yoga class which was quick-paced (since it was only 30 minutes!) and everyone was able to learn exercises to incorporate in the middle of their workday.

— Lead Manager at a video programing distributor with 15,000+ employees

We loved our Nutcracker Barre class! It was a simple, great team building activity. Our instructor was amazing [and] provided everything we needed to make sure things went smoothly.

 Senior Program Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at a private technology company with 1,300 employees

We had a wonderfully talented and personable Sign Language instructor who took the time to explain a number of things involved with ASL itself, plus answer questions in a very professional manner.

—  Datacenter Technical Team Leader at a market-leading global search engine company with 100,000+ employees

The Bollywood instructor] was SO engaging and fun. She was easy to follow and the music was fantastic. She is clearly very seasoned as a dance instructor. My only regret is not scheduling the class longer!!!

  Engagement Coordinator at a manufacturing company with 1,000 employees

My team had an awesome Meditation Class experience! Our host was amazing and shared some valuable tips on getting started with meditation. Her voice was calming, and every team member that attended has stated that they will start to incorporate meditation into their routines.”

 Director at a home healthcare company with more than 25,000 employees

All team members were engaged and loved this event! I received several emails indicating that this event was not only fun but also meaningful and perfectly interactive. Thank you for this opportunity!! I need to inquire about the possibility of doing a follow up to this workshop because it was so wonderful :)

 Managing Director of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company

The Sign Language Workshop was phenomenal-It was informative, fun, and supportive of our company's DEI efforts during National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). Our host, Travis, was approachable and had everyone smiling and participating actively throughout the entire session-Well done!

 DEI Coordinator at an international lifestyle brand

The Meditation host was absolutely fantastic. She did a great job of presenting the material to an audience with a wide range of experiences.

— Leader of the Disability, Neurodiversity, and Mental Health employee resource group at a global life sciences company with 10,000+ employees

Our Relaxation host was lovely and everyone just cherished the event. It was a perfect final virtual event for 2022. It was truly relaxing and recentering!


 Associate at a private financial company with 25 employees

The sound bath meditation was a much needed break from our daily routine! The instructor was extremely talented and the meditation was very well done. I've already had requests to make this a regular event!

 Sr. Employee Experience Specialist at a software engineering company with 200 employees

Our host did such a fantastic job! Our team loved this experience.

 HR & Operations Director at a financial non-profit

Our [Desk Yoga] facilitator was fabulous and very pleasant. Fun event!

 Administrative Coordinator at a law firm with 50 employees

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