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Leveraging motion analysis to help seniors live with greater mobility

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What we do
  1. VitalMotion has been designed for seniors in independent living facilities.

  2. FallRiskPro has been designed for seniors in assisted living facilities.

  3. Certified clinical staff use motion capture technology to analyze the senior's movement quality and joint function.

  4. Seniors benefit from a real-time analysis of multisegmental joint compensation patterns based on 12 evidence based assessments, which assesses over 250 movement dysfunctions and compensatory patterns. 

  5. VitalMotion & FallRiskPro utilize evidence-based scoring algorithms for each assessment grounded in the latest scientific research, providing seniors with immediate feedback and corrective exercises that help enhance mobility and prevent injuries.

How we do it
  1. Fill out this inquiry form and one of our certified professionals will contact you.

  2. Our clinicians will educate you on all the details of the people, processes and technology, and answer all your questions about the benefits.

  3. You schedule residents for a block of time on a single day for either a VitalMotion event or a FallRiskPro event, or both. We provide food and beverages.

  4. In under 10-minutes per senior we complete the video motion capture analysis.

  5. We share the results with the senior and suggest corrective exercises for better mobility and injury prevention.

  6. We repeat the process every 4 months to analyze the senior's trend data and improvements.

How our Technology works

Affordable and Portable Solution

  • Our markerless motion capture technology revolutionizes motion analysis by eliminating traditional markers. It is also more affordable and easier to set up than conventional optical systems, making it ideal for independent living and assisted living facilities.

Patented Artificial Intelligence Technology

  • Our system uses advanced AI and algorithms to enhance triplanar movement detection with a single front-facing sensor.


Real-Time Analysis

  • Get immediate feedback on movement quality and joint function, enabling prompt adjustments and improvements.


  • Utilize personalized trend data to improve senior education and outcomes with data-driven care.


Validation and Accuracy


Biomechanical Validation:
Extensive studies validate VitalMotion and FallRiskPro against professional motion capture equipment, ensuring reliability.


Joint Angle Accuracy:

Our technology offers precise joint angle analysis, making it suitable for clinical applications, particularly in rehabilitation where extreme precision is critical.


Comprehensive Reporting​

  • Utilizing our metadata base, one of the largest biomedical repositories, detailed reports are generated that quantify movement patterns and identify asymmetries, guiding and tracking training progress.


Multisegmental Approach

  • Functional Planar Mapping (FPM) is a significant advancement in motion analysis technology. By providing a detailed, multisegmental view of joint function and dysfunction, it enables practitioners to deliver more precise, targeted, and effective care. This innovative approach enhances the understanding of movement and the efficacy of interventions, ultimately improving the safety of seniors.

    FPM takes a comprehensive view of functional movement by considering the interconnected nature of the body's joints. It analyzes the complex, multisegmental interactions within the neuro and musculoskeletal systems, providing a holistic understanding of movement patterns.

Subconscious Joint Movement Strategies

  • The FPM system goes beyond surface-level analysis, delving into the subconscious joint movement strategies that individuals use. This deep insight into how the body compensates and functions can reveal underlying issues that may not be apparent through traditional assessment methods.


Precision in Identifying Dysfunction

  • By pinpointing the top three joints of dysfunction in both the lower and upper body, FPM provides targeted information on areas that need intervention. This precision helps practitioners focus on the most critical regions that impact overall movement and mobility.

Customized Interventions

  • With detailed mapping of joint dysfunction and the associated planes of movement, trainers can design highly specific and effective treatment plans. Whether the need is for enhancing stability or mobility, interventions can be tailored to address the exact requirements of each individual.


Enhanced Outcomes

  • The insights gained from FPM lead to more accurate diagnoses and more effective interventions. This results in improved outcomes for seniors, whether they are undergoing rehabilitation, seeking to prevent injuries, or aiming to enhance their mobility.

Experience the future of motion analysis with VitalMotion and FallRiskPro and discover how it can transform your team or facility today. Fill out this inquiry form and one of our certified professionals will contact you.

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