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Desk Yoga Live online class


Through modified yoga poses and breathing exercises, Desk Yoga improves posture and relieves stress. This class is specially designed to counter the aches and pains experienced from sitting at a desk all day. Save time and get fit by avoiding today's commute to the yoga studio!


$20 per participant

Please email with:

  1. Any special requirements you have.

  2. Number of Participants

  3. Two 30-minute time lots for 2 separate dates when you are available for a zoom call to discuss other details

Class Details (What will they do in the class)

Participants of all fitness levels are welcome! Enjoy modified yoga poses and stretches that can be done while seated or with the aid of a chair. While you activate major muscle groups through each movement, Desk Yoga will improve your posture, increase flexibility, reduce muscular tension, relieve stress and elevate your mood. Break up your long work day with this super simple, highly beneficial class.

Participants Should Bring...

  • Chair

Other Requirements

All participants are required to have their cameras turned on so that the instructor can see them and provide feedback when possible.

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