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Leveraging motion analysis for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

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What we do
  1. AthleteAnalytics clinical practitioners use motion capture technology to analyze an athlete's movement quality and joint function.

  2. The athlete benefits from a real-time analysis of multisegmental joint compensation patterns based on 12 evidence based assessments, which assesses over 250 movement dysfunctions and compensatory patterns.

  3. AthleteAnalytics utilizes evidence-based scoring algorithms for each assessment grounded in the latest scientific research, providing the athlete with immediate feedback and detailed reports that help enhance performance and prevent injuries.

How we do it
  1. Fill out this inquiry form and one of our certified professionals will contact you.

  2. Our Screening Specialist will explain everything about our team, processes, and technology. They'll also answer all your questions regarding the benefits of AthleteAnalytics.

  3. Schedule your team for a single-day AthleteAnalytics event. We'll provide food and beverages.

  4. We complete the video motion capture analysis in under 10 minutes per athlete.

  5. After each assessment, we share and review the detailed reports with the athlete, focusing on both specific and generalized interpretations of each report’s results.

  6. Athletes, in collaboration with clinicians and/or athletic trainers, will implement personalized training programs based on the objective and precise insights provided in the advanced reporting.

  7. We repeat this process every 4-6 weeks to analyze the athlete's trend data and monitor improvements.

About AthleteAnalytics

AthleteAnalytics is an advanced motion analysis software designed to assess an athlete's risk of injury and identify the top three joint dysfunctions in both the upper and lower body. Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and Sports Medicine Clinicians use these insights to provide targeted strategies for minimizing injury and optimizing athletic performance. 

How Our Technology Works

Affordable and Portable Solution

  • Our markerless motion capture technology eliminates traditional markers, offering a cost-effective and easy setup alternative to optical systems, perfect for athletic training centers and gyms.

Patented Artificial Intelligence Technology

  • Utilizing advanced AI and algorithms, our system enhances triplanar movement detection with a single front-facing sensor.


Real-Time Analysis

  • Receive instant feedback on movement quality and joint function for prompt adjustments and improvements..

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Leveraging a vast biomedical repository, detailed reports quantify movement patterns and identify asymmetries, guiding training progress effectively.


Data-Driven Approach

  • Utilize personalized trend data to optimize athlete education and outcomes through data-driven care.

Key Features and Benefits

Easy Setup and Accessible Technology

  • AthleteAnalytics offers quick, portable access for athletes and teams alike.

Comprehensive Data-Driven Insights

  • Analyzing 250+ movement dysfunctions, our system provides precise, objective assessments of body mechanics and joint compensation patterns.


Targeted Training Programs

  • Trainers leverage AthleteAnalytics’ reports detailing functional index scores and joint dysfunction mapping to tailor interventions that lead to more accurate, effective and precise treatments.

Enhanced Performance and Injury Prevention

  • Personalized training regimens derived from advanced reporting enhance performance, competitiveness, and injury prevention. 


Injury Rehabilitation

  • Our screenings are highly reliable for rehabilitation exercises and post-surgery assessments, making them ideal for athletes in all conditions.

Advanced Reporting

AthleteAnalytics Report

  • This report offers detailed data points and scores for each assessment conducted within the AthleteAnalytics workflow. It also compiles these individual results into an overall score.

Functional Planar Mapping (FPM) Report

  • By analyzing the interconnected nature of the body's joints, The FPM report provides a comprehensive mapping of the athlete’s top three upper and lower body joint dysfunctions. The report additionally includes scores across seven functional indexes: Balance, Flexibility, Core Stability, Dynamic Posture, Lower Extremity Power, Functional Asymmetry, and Susceptibility to Injury. These insights enhance the precision of care, going beyond surface-level analysis to reveal subconscious joint movement strategies and underlying issues often overlooked by traditional assessments.

Validation and Accuracy

Biomechanical Validation

  • Extensive studies validate AthleteAnalytics against professional motion capture equipment like Vicon.

Joint Angle Accuracy

  • Comparative studies have validated the precision of AthleteAnalytics in joint angle analysis, making it suitable for clinical applications.


Experience the future of motion analysis with AthleteAnalytics and discover how it can transform your team or facility today. Fill out this inquiry form and one of our certified professionals will contact you.

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